To provide for competence in the mounting truing and dressing of abrasive wheels in accordance with the requirements of the PUWER Regulations.

  • Understand the legal implications of working with grinding equipment. 
  • Describe the main causes of accidents with abrasive wheels and their prevention. 
  • Describe the main characteristics of abrasive wheels from given Manufacturers information. 
  • Recognise unsatisfactory wheel condition. 
  • Understand the requirements for wheel guarding.
  • Demonstrate the necessary knowledge to mount abrasive wheels correctly. 
  • True and dress abrasive wheels demonstrating knowledge of wheel conditions requiring dressing and tools and techniques involved. 
  • Understand the need for and how to balance an abrasive wheel. 
  • Appreciate the correct methods for storage and handling of abrasive wheels.

Rochdale Training Certificate 

Assessment method:

Multiple choice questions 


1/2 Day 


Upon Enquiry


Upon Enquiry

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