Equality and Diversity Policy at Rochdale Training 2015/16

Equality & Diversity Task Force Report

Anti Harassment Policy 2015/16

Guidance Notes for Employers - Equal Opportunities, Diversity & Harassment

Our Vision

Rochdale Training intends to help everyone by creating a positive and fully inclusive learning/working environment, where discrimination, harassment, bullying and prejudice will not be tolerated.

This means that everyone will be treated equally, their differences respected and their learning needs met.  This will be achieved by ensuring that we all:
  • Respect individual needs and differences
  • Do not accept bullying and harassment either personally or to others
  • Be aware of body language and avoid invasion of personal spaces
  • Think before you speak – some jokes or comments might offend
  • Refer to individuals by name not by a label
  • Recognise and acknowledge varying needs by taking positive action
  • Respect the learning environment by attending regularly and punctually
  • Respect the property of others
  • Observe Health and Safety regulations
  • Do not consume illegal drugs on our premises (or anywhere else)
  • Seek help if you need it
  • Be prepared to challenge and report behaviour which is not in line with this code

If at any time you feel that your equal opportunities are being threatened then:
  • Approach a member of staff
  • Talk to any member of staff in confidence

Equality and Diversity Our Commitment

We are committed to ensuring that learners and staff who join us feel valued, welcome and able to participate in as constructive a way as possible.

We will take reasonable measures where we can, to remove any barriers that may stop people joining our programmes.

We will try to reinforce the message as often as we can, that all our staff, partners and learners who use our programmes should value and embrace diversity.

All learners on all of our programmes should feel able to be listened to if they have a concern about discrimination or harassment.  They should be able to do this without fear of being victimised

Staff and those who work with our partners will be made aware of the key issues that need to be understood if we are to make valuing diversity a reality.  We will offer training to staff to help them to widen participation on our programmes.

We will aim to make sure that our staff and those acting on our behalf, do not unlawfully discriminate against, harass or victimise any person joining, or looking to join, one of our programmes.

We will try to treat all staff and learners fairly and equally and will try to do more than simply comply with the law.

We will collect information from those joining or looking to join our programmes, to make sure we are not discriminating.  We will look regularly at this information to see what changes can be made to the way we do things in order to improve. We will also look at information on success rates to ensure all groups of learners are achieving and fulfilling their potential.

Equality and Diversity


We aim to recognise and celebrate diversity and to ensure equality of opportunity and fair treatment for everyone involved with Rochdale Training.  We shall strive to achieve a working/learning environment where people shall treat each other with mutual respect & courtesy regardless of age, nationality, national origins, skin colour, ethnicity, perceived ‘race’, disability, gender, gender reassignment, religion, belief, philosophical belief, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy & maternity, social class or any other criteria which is irrelevant to a person’s working or learning at Rochdale Training.  In accordance with the Equality Act 2010, we are committed to promoting good race relations, respect for protected characteristics and harmony between individuals and groups. 

All employees, both current and potential, apprentices, adult learners, non-employed and visitors will be treated with respect, courtesy and dignity to establish a culture where diversity is valued.  It is intended to develop a positive and constructive learning/working environment that is free from victimisation, discrimination and harassment.

All staff, users of Rochdale Training, associates, partners and contractors are required to embrace this policy.


It is a condition of employment and admission that employees, apprentices and adult learners follow this policy and that any breach may become a disciplinary matter.

All staff members are responsible for: 
  • Dealing with incidents that breach this policy and being able to recognise discrimination/unacceptable activity
  • Promoting equality & diversity and good race relations
  • Keeping up to date with the laws regarding equality and diversity
  • Taking up training and development and learning opportunities
  • Reporting any form of discrimination
Any staff members, apprentice or adult learner who believes that he/she is being discriminated against, harassed or victimised may raise the issue through the appropriate team leader in line with the harassment procedures. 

This policy will be monitored so that it complies with current legislation including relevant UK and European laws and statutory codes of practice - and with strict adherence to the Equality Act 2010.


The Charity Board of Trustees has overall responsibility for ensuring Rochdale Training operates within a framework of equality of opportunity and diversity.

The Chief Executive will be responsible for displaying a consistent and high profile lead on equality & diversity matters and ensuring the policy is followed. 

The management team at Rochdale Training will set recruitment targets and achievement and progression rates in accordance with the ethos of the Common Inspection Framework and statutory codes of practice. We will set one or more targets and publish our equality measures to meet the deadlines.

The management team at Rochdale Training shall undertake Equality and Diversity management.  They shall be responsible for the promotion of Equality and Diversity, the formulation of policy, procedures and any action plans where appropriate. 

In particular the management team will: -
  • Assess the impact of its policies on the users in accordance with the general duties.  
  • Monitor the progress of users 
  • Publish Rochdale Training’s results of assessments & monitoring.
  • Have regard to social inclusion and community cohesion 
  • Endeavour to recruit staff to match the equality profile of our learners

Scope of the Policy

  • Advertising
  • Selection
  • Appointing
  • Training and Development
  • Terms and conditions of employment/engagement
  • Managing
  • Monitoring
  • Promoting
  • Discipline

Access to the Policy

The Chief Executive shall retain up to date policies and ensure staff and users receive appropriate copies of the policies. The policies can be produced in larger font sizes or on coloured paper to suit staff and learners’ requirements.

The policies and supporting documents can also be accessed via the server.

Reference to supporting documentation

These documents are regularly reviewed and updated by the Management Team:
  • Equality and Diversity Action and Promotional Plan
  • Training programme for staff and learners
  • Disability statement
  • Setting of appropriate equality targets required by the specific equality duty
  • Publication data – equality and diversity 


We are committed to monitoring the effectiveness of this equality and diversity policy and the associated harassment procedure. We undertake to regularly review all our policies, procedures and practices in relation to recruitment and selection, terms and conditions of employment, learning and development opportunities, career development, promotion and grievance and discipline to ensure they comply with any legislative changes and good practice. We will endeavour to identify and take all steps necessary to eliminate any unjustified discrimination or victimisation which is revealed by this monitoring process and action which is required to achieve our commitment and vision for equality and diversity.

How we make sure our Equality and Diversity policy is working:-
  • We comply with all relevant anti-discriminatory law and promote awareness of protected characteristics amongst staff, learners and subcontractors.
  • We strive to identify and remove any artificial, arbitrary and unnecessary barriers.
  • We have a robust complaints, grievance and harassment procedure  and an appeals procedure that are understood by staff, learners and subcontractors
  • We use progress reviews as an opportunity to ask learners about their experience during training and at work and monitor how employers promote equal opportunities within the workplace.
  • We collect and analyse recruitment data to identify trends and check that the recruitment process is fair and reliable.
  • We offer learners appropriate support to meet individual needs.
  • We make every effort to secure employment for learners where their cultural values and religious beliefs will be respected.
  • We assess how we can widen participation of under-represented groups by consulting with community leaders and the Children’s Trust Board, targeting schools, developing special promotional materials and discouraging employers from gender stereotyping within occupational areas.
  • We raise awareness and understanding amongst staff and learners and provide training in order to promote greater understanding of our diverse and multicultural society.
  • We provide access to our training centre and facilities to staff and learners with physical disabilities.
  • We ensure that any materials or methods used for marketing our services or for training and assessment, do not, by their nature unfairly discriminate against a particular individual and do not promote stereotypes.
  • We collect and analyse retention and achievement data to identify and analyse trends, set demanding targets and take appropriate action to address any imbalance.
  • We vet all employers and subcontractors  to ensure that learning environments are free from barriers, anti-discriminatory practice and that learners will be treated fairly and with respect and monitor this on an ongoing basis.