Sales Apprenticeship

Sales & Telesales workforce is one of the largest professional groups in the UK – Employing just over 2 million people.  

Selling is a crucial part of commercial success, it is the lifeblood of most organisations and the development of sales skills is very important – Sales Apprenticeships are high quality, work based training programmes for employers who want to develop the skills of their sales staff.  

Good salesmanship involves helping customers to buy a product or service to meet their needs. As a job, this involves meeting people, building relationships, addressing challenges, being creative in offering solutions and thinking independently. Businesses realise the importance of salespeople – money tends to be good, most salespeople earn commission including incentives such as bonuses and holidays.  

As an Apprentice you could find yourself working in a range of sectors. You may be, for example, a sales advisor in a retail store environment, or a membership advisor in a health and fitness club.  

On the Advanced Level Apprenticeship, you could take on a supervisory role as team leader and have the ability to earn higher rates of commission. Ultimately, your goal will be to sell as many of your company’s products and services as possible, while taking into consideration the interests of your clients. Customers are important, and you’ll have to seek out new customers while still looking after the current ones.  

The Sales Apprenticeship will equip you with the skills, knowledge and experience to undertake sales roles in a range of business settings.