This course is aimed at providing the necessary knowledge and promoting awareness of accident prevention when working at heights. 

Course Content:
  • The types of accidents and their causes
  • The legislation associated with working above ground level
  • The importance of the human factor in accident prevention
  • A range of methods and associated safety precautions for accessing workplaces above round level including: ladders, portable staging, cradles, boatswain chairs, and power operated work platforms
  • Methods of inspecting/checking for safe condition, application and use

Techniques and procedures for working at heights referring to: 
  • Fragile roofs, 
  • Overhead cranes, 
  • Insecure hand/foot hold, 
  • Work from ladders, 
  • Working on scaffolds/portable staging, 
  • Work from cradles, 
  • Work from powered work platforms


Rochdale Training Certificate 

Assessment Method:

Multiple choice questions 


1 Day 


Upon Enquiry


Upon Enquiry

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