Ref 7684
£111.00 per week
30 hours per week

Rochdale Gateway Leisure Ltd have been established over 20 years Their Aims are to develop and support opportunities to participate in their communities, primarily for people with learning disabilities, who live in the Rochdale Metropolitan Borough area and adjacent to the Rochdale Metropolitan Borough area.

Principal Duties:

      • Alongside the Lead Support Worker, to identify and initiate new opportunities and activities for the individual users and alongside team members and other agencies develop individual programmes i.e. Person-centred plans (ELP’s, PATH, MAP) which are planned and recorded in line with company policy
      • To enable the user to participate in all activities by providing appropriate support
      • Ensure the dignity and respect of service users is maintained while providing personal care and lunch time support to both male and female service users
      • To work alongside Lead Support Worker to ensure the sessions and activities are safe
      • To ensure the sessions and activities are sensitive to cultural traditions and values Alongside the Lead Support Worker develop close working relations with all persons involved e.g. Families, Social Workers, Therapists, so that the needs of the individual are met effectively
      • To work as a member of a team in the Project and the Organisation To be responsible, alongside other RGLL staff, for the proper use of equipment/materials and informing the Lead Support Worker or other Staff members of any potential risks and faults
      • To maintain User and the Organisations confidentiality at all times
      • To work alongside the Lead Support Worker to work on the implementation, maintenance and evaluation of each individual Essential Lifestyle Plan and Health Action Plan as relevant To work in accordance with RGLL’s Equal Opportunities Policy
      • To work in accordance with RGLL’s Health and Safety Policy
      • To support the Aims and Objectives of RGLL
        • To work towards implementing the principles of Equality & Citizenship ensuring the following outcomes:
    Choice – The provision of activities that will increase the choice to service users Community
    Presence – The provision of activities that will provide a more appropriate setting in which people with learning disabilities will have the opportunity to mix with non-disabled people in the community
    Respect – The provision of activities that will give those attending the opportunity to experience time away from their family where they will be treated as adults
    Competence – The service will enable people to lead a more interesting and rewarding life, where new skills and experience can be gained
    Relationships – The services will enable people to meet a wider range of non-disabled people and to form valued relationships with both those attending and other people that will be met during the period of the programme
    Carers – That the carers of the people attending the scheme are confident that the person attending will be well cared for, safe and will enjoy themselves
    When on passenger assistant duties, to assist driver with service users in and out of vehicles
    To be responsible for observing service users when on passenger assistant duties

            General Duties:

        To ensure all visitors to the Centre are received and welcomed
        To be concerned with Public Relations and help maintain the Organisations image
        To complete The Care Certificate within 12 weeks of commencing Apprenticeship   
        To participate in Training Programmes as appropriate

              Occasional Duties:

            To undertake such other duties and responsibilities as may be determined from time to time by the management group in consultation with the post holder