Rochdale Training aims to:

1. Make clients (both companies and learners) aware of the scope of the information, Advice and Guidance and support available to them         throughout our learning programmes.

2. Understand and interpret client’s requirements.

3. Support clients in making the right choice of learning route

4. Provide a quality service that is delivered by competent and supportive staff.

5. Continuously develop the service.

We will do this by:

1. providing quality information on our publicity materials, website and through induction monitoring and exit processes.

2. assessing existing skills, knowledge, aptitude and experience against their stated targets.

3. offering impartial guidance within our areas of expertise or by signposting to other appropriate and informed IAG services.

4. ensuring staff are up to date on qualifications, routes available and existing likely opportunities in the area.

5. by seeking feedback from learners, employers and staff and taking action where appropriate.