Apprentice Pledge

29th Apr 2020

Can you support a Young Person into work in 2020? 

Rochdale Training are appealing to local Employers to recruit an Apprentice this summer. 

As a Charity-based Training Provider we would usually get 100s of talented & motivated young people into Apprenticeship jobs in Rochdale borough and Greater Manchester from June to September.   

We are proud of the employers who design, supply, engineer, build & manufacture around our Borough. Rochdale Training want to support business growth with our young residents who are eager to learn.  

There are still hundreds of young sons and daughters looking for their first step on the career ladder. Candidates are typically school and college leavers and have all been interviewed by the team at Rochdale Training.  

The appeal is looking to get 100 pledges to recruit an Apprentice in 2020.  

Every employer who recruits an Apprentice will be given access to incentives including;  

  • Marketing - your business will be recognised and promoted throughout the campaign 
  • Certificate of Support – ‘Made and Nurtured’ in Rochdale will recognise employers who support Apprentices  
  • £1,000 Grants  
  • Up to 100% Funded Training  
  • Access to Workforce Training Funding – Training wallet of up to £20,000 
  • Rochdale Training Silver Membership – Free access to discounts and free courses 

Apprentices are looking for a range of job roles: Engineering, Manufacturing, Child Care, Health & Social Care, Business Administration, Customer Service….covering a range of sectors. 

Make thePledge! 

Contact 01706 631417 or 

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