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23rd Nov 2017

Important GDPR and Employment Law Update for 2018


Northern Employment Services, Rochdale Training Association and Peninsula have teamed up to bring you an exciting complimentary event and we would like to invite you to attend.

Peninsula is the UK's leading HR and Employment Law Consultancy, and will demonstrate some of their award-winning methods which will help the way you run your business, and inevitably increase success over the busy winter months.

We also have guest speaker Rebecca Ashton, Peninsula's in-house GDPR expert, who will be providing practical advice on the below:
•  New data rights for individuals (both employees and customers)
•  How to be compliant with the new GDPR ruling 
•  Action points businesses need to put into place ahead of May 2018

Northern Employment Services and Rochdale Training Association will provide insights into their services and giving you the chance to pick their brains on any questions you may have.

We know that a New Year for businesses brings plenty of issues and opportunities that can be time-consuming, so this event has been structured to give you maximum value – just a few hours will arm you with critical information that will help you keep moving forward with confidence. 

GDPR is incredibly important for all businesses, as organisations will need to ensure that personal data (customer and employee) is gathered, managed and stored under strict conditions. 

Come May 2018, all businesses have to be fully compliant with GDPR, with maximum fines for employers in breach increasing up to £20 million. Don't be caught out - attend our seminar!

Along with a warm welcome and expert knowledge, we will have a Business Breakfast of fresh Danish pastries, breakfast sandwiches and hot drinks on arrival.

9.30am - Registration
10.00am - Seminar
1.00pm - Finish

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