NAW21 Case Study - Nicole Seddon

10th Feb 2021

Find out first hand why you should apply for Rochdale Council's Adult Care apprenticeship from one of our previous candidates.

Name: Nicole Seddon
Company: Rochdale Borough Council
Job Title: Adult Care Apprentice
Apprenticeship: Adult Care Lv2

What is your job role?

I am a health and social care apprentice working in adult care. I have supported adults in all sorts of environments such as in care homes, day centers and out in the community. This consists of providing emotional support, assistance in daily living such as with personal care and support to eat and drink as well as support with social and physical activities.

Why did you choose an Apprenticeship?

I chose to do an apprenticeship while I was at college as I had come to realise sitting in a classroom and learning out of a book was proving to be more difficult than I had anticipated. Therefore an apprenticeship where I got to be hands on and not sat down for hours sounded really enjoyable and a smart move education wise to get the qualification that I needed.

What did you learn, and how has it helped you?

I have learnt to use my own initiative as well as how to work efficiently in fast paced environments. This has helped me to adapt to working in many different placements. Due to the different roles I have had I have greatly developed my communication skills to which I would have never done by not doing this apprenticeship. This has helped to increase my confidence speaking to others and increased how efficiently and effectively my words come across.

How did you find the end point assessment process?

I found the end point assessment process to be a stress free, easy going process. I did my end point assessment process all online and Rochdale Training made sure to send me all the correct links to access them and any numbers I needed if I were having any issues. I did not have to worry about anything other than knowing the answers as it was all set up for me with easy secure access so not to get myself stressed right before the exams.

Would you recommend an Apprenticeship to someone else?

I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship to someone else. Deciding to do one myself was the best choice I could have ever made.

Did Rochdale Training meet your expectations?

Rochdale Training exceeded my expectations. They supported me throughout my apprenticeship to which I couldn’t have asked for any better help.

Interested in the role - apply now through the following link -Adult Care Apprentice (M2104) - Find an apprenticeship (
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