Work Placement Incentives

8th Feb 2021

£1,000 Employer Incentives Confirmed for 70 Hour Work placements

Dear Employers, 

Thank you to those who offered our trainees a 70-hour work placement.  The government have now announced the process to claim the employer incentive of £1,000 below.

Employers who would like to offer a short work placement can still be involved with up to 10 incentives available for every North West based employer. 

Contact one of the marketing team for further details:  

T: 01706 631417


Employer Incentive Payments 

In 2020 to 2021, employers can apply for a £1000 incentive payment per learner for hosting a work placement that lasts for a minimum period of 70 hours delivered between 1 September 2020 and 31 July 2021 as part of the traineeship programme. To claim an incentive payment, employers will need to register their details and submit a claim through an online portal on GOV.UK.

The incentive can only be claimed once the placement activity has been completed. Once the training provider has confirmed completion, employers can claim their incentive by following this link. Please ensure you have the learners ULN, you will get this from the training provider. Apply Now  Traineeship employer incentive registration start - Section 1 - DFE Online Forms (

Employers must make incentive claims for eligible placements by 21 October 2021. Incentive payments are capped at 10 payments per region. 

Thank you - Rochdale Training

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