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We are committed to ensuring that learners and staff who join us feel valued, welcome and able to participate in as constructive a way as possible. We will take reasonable measures where we can, to remove any barriers that may stop people from joining our programmes.

We will try to reinforce the message as often as we can, that all our staff, partners and learners who use our programmes should value and embrace diversity.

All learners on all our programmes should feel able to be listened to if they have a concern about discrimination or harassment. They should be able to do this without fear of being victimised Staff and those who work with our partners will be made aware of the key issues that need to be understood if we are to make valuing diversity a reality.

We will offer training to staff to help them to widen participation in our programmes. We will aim to make sure that our staff and those acting on our behalf, do not unlawfully discriminate against, harass or victimise any person joining, or looking to join, one of our programmes.

We aim to treat all staff and learners fairly and equally and aim to do more than simply comply with the law.

Rochdale Training intends to help everyone by creating a positive and fully inclusive learning/working environment, where discrimination, harassment, bullying and prejudice will not be tolerated.


For the full policy document, please download below:

Download Here
E&D Policy.pdf (97.01 KB)