Rochdale Training's Football Tournament Scores Big for Learners' Wellbeing

In a heart-warming display of camaraderie and sportsmanship, Rochdale Training recently hosted a thrilling football tournament aimed at boosting the well-being of its learners. Organised by the dedicated team at the training centre, the event brought together learners from various disciplines for a day of friendly competition and fun.

Garry Jackson, Electrical Tutor and organiser of the event, shared his excitement, stating, “Planning RTA’s 5-a-side football event was one of the highlights of the year! It was great to see learners from different sections coming together to work as a team, all playing to win the ‘famous’ RTA trophy. We had a fantastic day; all 24 students had a chance to showcase their football skills and their teamwork abilities. Watching the students interact and show their competitive sides in the build-up to this event was a joy to watch. It was an honour to organise RTA’s first football event, and I was very proud to be a part of it. Roll on next year!”

Ryan Griffin, Welding Tutor at Rochdale Training, emphasised the importance of the event, stating, “The event was about giving learners a sense of camaraderie, keeping fit, and having fun at the same time. It was organised to allow learners to interact with each other and boost morale. I was proud to take part in this event as learners enjoyed themselves and new friendships were formed. It also gave the staff involved the opportunity to have fun and explore new ways of engaging learners.”

The sentiment was echoed by Tyler Kershaw, an Engineering Operative Apprentice, who expressed his delight with the tournament. "I thought the event was well organised, and I enjoyed the tournament. It’s nice to come into the centre knowing you're doing something you and others will enjoy; it had a huge positive impact. Garry organised it well, and Ryan had one of the other learners weld a trophy together for the winners, so that was a really nice surprise. I would like to do something like this again as it made me communicate and talk to people in my section I may never have spoken to before doing the tournament."

Nigel Bentley, Machining Tutor, highlighted the event's focus on teamwork and exercise, emphasising its positive impact on learners' mental and physical well-being. "I think the event promoted teamwork and exercise for the learners well; it positively impacts the learner's mental and physical wellbeing and boosted morale. It gave Ryan and Garry a real positive learner/tutor relationship, and it was Garry’s first time leading/organising an event."

The tournament not only provided an opportunity for learners to showcase their sporting skills but also fostered a sense of community and collaboration within Rochdale Training. As learners bonded over the love of the game, barriers were broken, and friendships flourished, creating an environment conducive to both personal and professional growth.

With the resounding success of this event, Rochdale Training looks forward to organising similar initiatives in the future, reaffirming its commitment to the holistic development and well-being of its learners.

Football Tournament Graphic

Apprentice Spotlight: Amie is Taking the Lead!

Q&A with Former Health and Social Care Apprentice, Amie from Bluebird Care.


What were you doing before your Team-Leading qualification?

Before I started my Team Leading course, I completed my Level 3 Lead Adult Care Worker Apprenticeship with Rochdale Training. This gave me a good understanding of the industry while getting paid and gaining qualifications.

My role at Bluebird Care is Care Co-Ordinator, which I enjoy as every day is different. I had never considered doing an Apprenticeship previously, everyone has encouraged me and been supportive along the way.


What skills and other qualifications do you feel you developed while on your Apprenticeship?

I achieved my Level 3 Apprenticeship with a Distinction which is a huge achievement, and I am proud of myself for that because I feel sometimes, I lack confidence, but I persevered and got a good result in the end. In terms of skills, I learnt more about my job role as a whole, for example, learning to communicate with customers, with their families, sending professional emails, and my writing skills.


What challenges do you feel you had to overcome?

The biggest challenge for me was that our supervisor had just left so I had to take on a lot more responsibility whilst also completing my qualification. These tasks included rotas, supervisions in the field, doing reviews with our customers, assessments for new customers, reviews for care assistants and more.


Would you recommend Apprenticeships?

100%. I would definitely recommend an Apprenticeship, I think it is a great way to gain more knowledge and understanding of your job role but also it opens a lot of doors for different progression routes which a lot of places don’t really offer.


Do you recommend Rochdale Training?

Yes. I wouldn't have gone back to Rochdale Training for my Team Leading if it wasn’t for the support and guidance that I received whilst I was on my Apprenticeship.

I didn’t believe that I would come out with a good score, and then I finished with 2 Distinctions thanks to the help and support of Rochdale Training and specifically my former tutor Clare, she really pushed me through and helped me anytime I needed anything. I am now progressing even further and excited to see where my journey takes me.


Since you have progressed from your Apprenticeship to your Team Leading course how do you feel that is going so far?

I think it is going well! I am enjoying it a lot, it challenges me to take on things from a new, different perspective. It also gives me a chance to further improve the skills I have and opens doors for further progression here at Bluebird Care.


Do you feel the progression is suitable for you?

I do. The Level 2 Team Leading course is the perfect stepping stone for me to gain the experience I need, gain an extra qualification and prepare for my future progression opportunities. I would like to do my Level 4 Health and Social Care next.


Are you looking to start your journey to see what opportunities are out there for you? For more information on our Level 2 Team Leading course please visit: or contact our Recruitment Team at 01706 631417 or

Apprentice Spotlight: Lisa (Teaching Assistant)

Q&A with Former Apprentice Teaching Assistant, Lisa Foster from Rochdale Borough Council at Lower Place Primary School.


Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship? What were you doing previously?

I chose to do the apprenticeship because I wanted to achieve more and I knew that I wanted to work with children. I am really good with children. Before I did the apprenticeship, I worked as a textile machinist and have done this since leaving school.


What skills or other qualifications have you developed whilst on your apprenticeship?

I have gained skills in how to support child development, including how to support and work with SEN children.

I have gained knowledge of policies and procedures including Safeguarding and Prevent.

Maths Level 2 Functional Skills

English Level 2 Functional Skills

Teaching Assistant Level 3 Apprenticeship


What challenges do you feel you have overcome, whilst on your apprenticeship?

I have autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia and developmental language disorder. These have all been challenges to me throughout my life, that have hindered me from being able to achieve anything prior to coming to Rochdale Training. When I was at school, learning needs were not recognised or supported and so I was always just left to get on with it, without any proper support.


How was Rochdale Training as your training provider?

The best. I feel that Rochdale Training has supported me in all aspects of my learning. It's like they have just understood and accepted me for who I am. It has felt nice to be able to talk about the support I need and actually get that support. Also, it is nice that Rochdale Training acknowledges that everyone can achieve, no matter what their difficulties are.


Would you recommend apprenticeships?

Yes – It's good because you learn on the job, whilst being paid. You can also get your maths and English at the same time. I think apprenticeships are the best way to get a qualification.


Would you recommend Rochdale Training?

Yes – As mentioned above. Rochdale Training has a very supportive team who care about people who want to do better for themselves.


A quote from you about how you felt your apprenticeship went/how you feel about it

My apprenticeship has been life-changing for me and my family. I have gained skills and knowledge that I have for life and I have gained my maths and English, which takes away barriers for me when applying for jobs in the future.

Lisa’s Tutor Charlotte Baron said: When Lisa came to Rochdale Training, she commented that if she left Rochdale Training with one certificate, it would be one more than she has ever had.

She has left us with 5 certificates and has been offered a permanent role at the school. She has worked so hard and been so determined to do well, she has done herself proud.”


Are you looking to start your Apprenticeship journey? Check out all of our current Apprenticeship  vacancies at: or contact our Recruitment Lead Nathan Finn at 01706 631417 or


  • Breakfast Event


    This employer event will be presented by Peter Palmer CMIOSH FIIRSM (OSHCR) Chartered Occupational Safety and Health Practitioner and Fellow of the International Institute of Risk Safety Management.

    The event will include:

    A selection of recent HSE Prosecutions and lessons that can help strengthen your health & safety management.

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  • IOSH Managing Safely


    Managing Safely is unlike any other course. You’ll find a practical programme, full of step-by-step guidance, and a sharp business focus. But you’ll also find that the highly innovative format and content engages and inspires your staff – critical to getting safety and health embedded across the whole organisation.