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The General Statement of Health and Safety Policy (P5 – signed by our CEO and Chairman) embodies the overarching principles, systems and procedures to ensure the health and safety and well-being of all employees, apprentices and learners in our care. The management and review of health and safety is overseen by the Board and our CEO – as well as our Health and Safety Manager with recourse to our External H&S Competent Person - both of whom are appropriately qualified and experienced in all sectors within our training remit.

In terms of the promotion of the policy to all staff and learners, health and safety is a major agenda item at monthly senior management team (SMT) meetings. This ensures we manage and identify health and safety concerns. Health and safety actions, initiatives, campaigns and procedures are cascaded to staff and learners via team meetings which in turn serve as a conduit to raise concerns to SMT or immediately via the Health and Safety Manager. Our communication and promotion of the health and safety policy is on P16. We promote joint consultation on all health and safety issues. All learners are encouraged and reminded of their duty to report potentially unsafe practices both at Rochdale Training and at their employer premises.

Commitment to the Health and Safety policy is assured by regular communication to staff and learners, unannounced audits and regular review of health and safety arrangements with our employers. A full Health and Safety Appraisal of the employer premises and Apprentice working environment is conducted before an Apprentice starts their qualification. Learners are regularly questioned at reviews about any accident, incident, near miss or health and safety concern at their company.


For the full policy document, please download below:

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