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Callum Harrison - Photo and banner.


Pressed Flights Limited is a specialist engineering company based in Littleborough. Their expertise ensures that they have solutions for every customer. Their extensive Client base covers a wide range of companies ranging from small ‘one-man bands’, sole traders and maintenance contractors to major blue chip companies both in the UK and overseas.

Callum Harrison started out working as a scaffolder and after two years he realised that it wasn’t the job for him, unfortunately, he then became unemployed for six months. Attending his appointments at the Job Centre in Oldham they recommended the Skills Bootcamp in Welding at Rochdale Training to which Callum was reluctant at first as he didn’t know if it was leading somewhere serious but decided he would give it a chance.

At Rochdale Training we offer Skills Bootcamps, Skills Bootcamps are funded through the Department of Education’s National Skills Fund and are free, flexible courses of up to 16 weeks, giving people the opportunity to build up sector-specific skills and fast-track to an interview with a local employer.

Callum quickly settled into the course and developed a new passion for Welding.

Pictured: Callum Harrison, a former learner on the Skills Bootcamp in Welding, employed by Pressed Flights Limited.

While Callum was still on the course, a local employer pressed flights approached Rochdale Training, to see if we could recommend anyone from the Bootcamp as they were looking for some new staff. Callum’s CV was sent and he was then offered a permanent position.

Callum said, “The Skills Bootcamp in Welding opened the door to get me back into work, I have regained my confidence and my self-esteem has improved 100%, I would definitely recommend the Welding Bootcamp to anyone.”

Callum is settling in at Pressed Flights nicely, here is what Production Director Gina had to say “I would thoroughly recommend recruiting from the Bootcamp, I have found Callum and Aumal more work ready and more aware of the working world, they are both working out really well, working very hard and we will continue to support them with ongoing training.”