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Case Study Banner - Lynden Grahame

Lynden spent some time in our Engineering centre where he worked on practical skills and health and safety knowledge before moving on to a work trial with a local Engineering company. Lynden said he enjoyed learning about different welding techniques he especially enjoys MIG (Metal into Gas) Welding and feels as though he has been thoroughly supported by his tutors and feels that they really care about his progress. His tutors kept him up to date with what he would be doing on a day-to-day basis, this was especially beneficial for Lynden as he needs a strict routine due to his Autism Spectrum Disorder but felt like he had been kept well informed. Lynden would recommend the Apprentice Academy and the Training Centre to everyone as we have exceeded his expectations due to the support and warm welcome he received from all the other Engineering learners. Lynden has made lots of friends with the other people on the course, they have a lot of laughs and jokes together while getting their work done which makes him extremely happy.