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The Home of Apprenticeships

Elspeth Cunliffe

Renold Gears based in Milnrow is celebrating the success of a diverse workforce through Apprenticeships. The team  innovates in delivering the highest precision-engineered power transmission products to all industries worldwide. Their market-leading products can be seen in diverse applications from cement making to chocolate manufacturing, subway trains to power stations, escalators to quarries; in fact, anywhere something needs to be lifted, moved, rotated, or conveyed. 

Ellen Caine

Ellen started her career working as a volunteer at St Joseph's in 2016 she had completed her level 2 early years qualification at night school. After three months of volunteering Olivia was offered an apprentice 

At age 35 Ellen started an apprentice course with Rochdale training in order to gain a level 3. 

Ellen became a room leader and was then offered the Deputy Managers role on the condition she completed and achieved her level 3. 

As well as completing her level 3 she also completed her functional skills in maths, English, and IT. 

Olivia Challender

Olivia started at Bury college and was put into a work experience placement at St Joseph's. The more time she spent at the nursery the more she realised she wanted to go onto an apprentice course and work at the nursery full-time. The nursery was happy to accommodate this and in 2016 she enrolled onto an apprentice course.  

Olivia felt the apprentice course was more practical and she gained more hands-on skills and knowledge and learned more than she felt she had through textbooks at college. 

As Olivia explains 

Ajmal Alfrid


Pressed Flights Limited is a specialist engineering company based in Littleborough. They manufacture and repair a wide range of screw conveyors and screw feeders, including specials and augers, which are all based on the principle of an Archimedean Screw and are used in an extensive range of applications in a wide variety of industries.

Callum Harrison


Pressed Flights Limited is a specialist engineering company based in Littleborough. Their expertise ensures that they have solutions for every customer. Their extensive Client base covers a wide range of companies ranging from small ‘one-man bands’, sole traders and maintenance contractors to major blue chip companies both in the UK and overseas.

Mark Vincent

A full-time dad who was unemployed for five years has launched a new career in engineering thanks to Greater Manchester’s Skills Bootcamps programme.  

Mark Vincent, 29, from Rochdale, had been out of work since being made redundant while he was working in the manufacturing industry. He is now a father of three, and decided he wanted to retrain and return to work to support his growing family.

Mark read about the fully funded Skills Bootcamps at Rochdale Job Centre and signed up straight away.

Lynden Grahame

Lynden spent some time in our Engineering centre where he worked on practical skills and health and safety knowledge before moving on to a work trial with a local Engineering company. Lynden said he enjoyed learning about different welding techniques he especially enjoys MIG (Metal into Gas) Welding and feels as though he has been thoroughly supported by his tutors and feels that they really care about his progress.

Charlotte Havery

Charlotte is starting her new Apprenticeship in September as a Business Support Apprentice. In her new job role, she will support the Chief Executive of Rochdale Council, she will be learning administrative skills, ensuring day-to-day Council life runs as smoothly as possible. Charlotte chose an Apprenticeship because she believes they are a great way to learn new skills whilst being paid to learn.

Lucas Davies

Lucas is starting his Teaching Assistant Apprenticeship in September with Rochdale Council. Lucas decided that an Apprenticeship was the best choice for him after tried completing his A-Levels but didn’t feel it was the best fit for him, he felt that he would learn better through practice and actively doing the job and getting relevant experience in real-life situations. Some of the Key Skills Lucas is hoping to learn include Safeguarding, teaching, care and support skills but also communication and problem-solving skills.

Zach Hashmi

Zach is starting his new Apprenticeship as a Teaching Assistant in September. Zach decided to choose an Apprenticeship for the start of his Teaching Assistant career as he felt like this was an option that he could rely on to provide the training and qualifications he needed in a learning style that suited him. He also felt like earning while he was learning would benefit him as he could keep a social life while studying.